Motoyuki Hattori

Basic Information


Phone:021- 5163 0740

Address:复旦大学生命科学学院 A201-2室


   Motoyuki HATTORI (服部素之),Professor and PhD. Tutor at School of Life Sciences, Fudan University. 2005: B. A., Department of Biophysics and Biochemistry, University of Tokyo, 2009: Ph. D., Department of Biological Information, Tokyo Institute of Technology, 2009-2012: Postdoctoral Fellow, Oregon Health & Science University, 2012-2015: Research Associate, JST Researcher, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Tokyo


Research Interests

   Membrane proteins such as ion channels and transporters play a crucial role in various cell signaling processes, and represent more than half of targets for commercially available drugs. Accordingly, high-resolution 3D structures of membrane proteins are of great interest at the level of both basic science and drug discovery research.

   The Hattori Lab is interested in atomic-level understanding of the molecular mechanism of membrane proteins, particularly of those associated with human diseases. To achieve these goals, we employ X-ray crystallography to obtain 3D structures of our target membrane proteins, and then conduct structure-guided mutational analysis by a combination of electrophysiological and biochemical approaches. Open postdoc and student positions are currently available.








2014年,上海市 第四批 “上海千人计划” 。

2015年, 第十一批青年千人计划



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