The Department of Genetics and Genetic Engineering, formerly the Department of Biological Engineering, was founded in 1983 and is currently headed by Professor Shouyi Qiao. It has 15 full professors, and 23 associate professors. The Department offers both Masters and Ph.D. degrees in Genetics and more than 20 graduate and undergraduate courses including two courses open to all undergraduate students of Fudan University (Introduction to Life Sciences and Introduction to Biological Engineering), two core and two experimental courses (Cell Biology and Genetics) open to all students of School of Life Sciences. The Genetics faculty has published two textbooks,Genetics and Genetics Experiments, both of which have won the first prize of the “National Excellent Textbook” Award. The Genetics course was awarded the second prize of National Award for Excellence in Teaching and the first prize of the Shanghai City Award for Excellence in Teaching.

The Department has played the leadership role (overall project leader) in the national project of Reformation of Biological Training Toward the 21st Century (Ministry of Education). The Department also has taken the responsibility for developing the Genetics Section in the National Project of the Bank of Exam Questions for Biological Studies, and for developing CAI software of Genetics in the National Project of CAI Software Development for Biology, both organized by Ministry of Education.

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